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Pressure Washing


Most frequent questions and answers

The main difference between the two is the volume of minerals and micro solids you will be filtering to get pure water. A simple Di tank set up is best for areas with a low TDS reading. please see our article on that.  so areas tough on hard water consider upgrading to an r/o system this will filter more water efficient. now if you work on sky scrappers you’ll have plenty of options because tucker window cleaning tools have created machines that push water to places only Superman and Zeus have been.

TDS stands for Total dissolved solids. a TDS meter is a simple tool window washing companies use to test the water in any given area. if you had a fish that didn’t die you know what this is.;) Anyways heres some bro science it may be right but don’t quote me. so first off rain comes down pure right starting at a tds of? you guessed it 0 no minerals yet. so as it travels down streams and all the other avenues it picks up micro-scope minerals know as hard water. this is extremely problematic for people in the Sacramento Valley . long story short people down low have high TDS. this is why we run the water through a filtration system allowing us to clean windows spot -free. 

Window Washing Cleaning Services

Streakless glass

First, off pure water window cleaning agitate the dirt and upon rinsing dry spot free. this can be a weapon in the hands of a skilled window washer can leave even leave the frames cleaner than any towel can. the glass comes out perfect with no squeegee or soap it dry spot free.

Window Washing Cleaning Services

Save the fishes

More and more people are becoming concerned with the harm being done to the environment. well, our friends at window cleaning resource have heard enough about global warming. we intend to help by cutting down on all water consumption and eliminating chemical runoff protecting the Sacramento rivers. we are one of the only window cleaning companies in the Sacramento area that have this really is cool stuff.

Window Washing Cleaning Services

Accidents happen

Safety is our number one priority and we strive to provide the latest tools that help promote safety in the workplace. water fed poles are telescopic, they extend to accommodate high buildings. sometimes some of Sac valley cleans window cleaners can wash glass up to 5 stories high safely from the ground. the less we are on ladders the better although are guys really do enjoy their roots in traditional window cleaning.

Window Washing Cleaning Services

Super cool

Throw on your shades and relax while you clean windows with a pure water pole. if your a client watching from your couch drop your pizza pocket and check it out. it's mesmerizing and fun. watch Trevor jam on Pandora or startle Brian as he listens to world war -z  on audible. safety and fun are what we strive for and were great at cleaning windows. the great weather in California is to die for only if there are no zombies. new york window cleaners envy are great climate. so thank you Sacramento for helping us stay cool in California.

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Pure Water Cleaning Demands No Chemicals

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Window Washing Cleaning Services
Window Washing Cleaning Services

Where can I buy one?

so you’re looking to buy a window cleaning pole. want to play with the big boys, do you? well, the guys at window cleaning resource have everything you need. they have the best deals on everything from pure water tanks to the coolest brushes and attachments. there are all kinds of place where commercial grade window cleaning tools can be purchased. find a window cleaning supplier that is reputable. check there site research prices these companies are highly competitive so finding good deals are easy to come by.