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Getting your exterior windows cleaned is only effective if the interior of your windows is also clean. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case – it’s not unusual to find that the interior windows are actually dirtier than the exterior windows.

It’s easy to see why: sticky handprints and finger marks (small children are a terror for windows!), grime from household pets, and general dust and dirt quickly build up and reduce the amount of light coming in from your windows. Stubborn greasy marks from cooking make the kitchen a particularly problematic area, and if you smoke, you’ll likely have nicotine stains. See More Window Cleaning
All this builds up and reduces the cleanliness and visibility of your windows; for a perfect view, you need to clean both your interior and exterior windows. A professional interior window cleaning service will allow more light to flood into your room and make your home seem brighter and cleaner.
Unfortunately, many homeowners and businesses concentrate on cleaning their exterior windows but neglect the interior ones. We’ve found that just cleaning your exterior windows only serves to highlight the marks on the inside! You need to clean both if you want a perfect finish.

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Call us at (916) 844-8622 or use our online form to get in touch so that we can discuss your requirements. In most cases, we can give you a quote without visiting your property: all we’ll need are the size of the area to be cleaned, information on what material it is made of, and a photo of the area so we can assess the work involved.

Step 2:

Once you’ve accepted our quote, we’ll arrange a time that is suitable for you and book in an appointment. While short delays do occasionally happen (we’re only human), we’ll do everything we can to be at the appointment on time (we’re normally early) and will keep you informed if there’s a short delay in reaching you.

Step 3:

Our team will arrive at your property and get to work! Our pressure washing service is extremely successful at clearing dirt and grime, and our customers are always very happy with the results. In many cases, people didn’t even realize what color their surface really was until we’d cleaned it – the results can be startling!

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Hand Cleaned To Perfection

We know the importance of brilliantly clean interior windows, and we are scrupulous at achieving the best possible result, no matter how many fingerprints and grease marks may adorn your windows. In most cases, we use the tried-and-tested applicator and squeegee technique to achieve a sparkling finish for your interior windows.

We take care to treat your home or business as we would our own and do everything we can to ensure we don’t make a mess. If necessary, we can move furniture and put down protective cloths to make sure we leave your home cleaner than when we entered it.

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We’re a small team of professionals who are focused on delivering high-end results to clients within the Sacramento area. We’ve got a great reputation for getting results, and we treat every job the same – as if it were our top priority! We’ve received many positive reviews from the Sacramento community and look forward to adding a few more – perhaps yours?

Do your interior windows need a clean? Are sticky fingerprints and dirt spoiling your view? Call Sac Valley Clean today on 916-844-8622 or contact us through our online contact form to discuss how we can help you achieve brilliantly clean windows.

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