Water Fed Pole

Water-fed pole technology is the latest advance in professional window cleaning. Pure water is fed through a telescopic pole and out through a brush onto a window service. This enables the operator to clean windows as high as four stories without the need for a ladder or other climbing equipment.

How Does Water-Fed Pole Cleaning Work?

Here’s how water-fed pole cleaning works in three steps:

Step 1:
Tap Water is Purified and Turned Into Pure Water

This is the process of filtering the water using techniques such as deionization and osmosis. It is performed by using specialist equipment, which is normally stored in the cleaner’s vehicle.

Step 2:
The Telescopic Pole Is Used to Clean The Window

The pure water is pumped up through the pole and out through the brush, which is then used to agitate any dirt and clean the windows. We have additional attachments and accessories that can help with more stubborn dirt, which may be used depending on the situation.

Step 3:
The Windows Are Left to Air-Dry

Because we use purified water, the windows will dry with a clear, streak-less finish without the need for wiping. This enables us to move on to the next window, providing you with a faster, better service.

Why Do You Use Pure Water For Water-Fed Pole Cleaning?

You can’t see them, but tap water contains a wide variety of small particles and ions; it’s not just water. When tap water is used to wash a window, and the water is left to dry, the water evaporates, and many of these particles are left behind, causing smears and marks on your newly washed window!

Purified water has had all these particles removed, so when the water evaporates, it doesn’t leave any residue.

What Are The Advantages of Water-Fed Pole Cleaning?

There are many benefits to using water-fed pole cleaning:

  • Better Results – The pure water we use means you get a cleaner, shinier window.
  • Fewer Chemicals – Because pure water cleans so well, we don’t need to use harsh chemicals during the cleaning process.
  • Great Reach – The water-fed pole method allows us to reach even Velux windows, which are often hard to access with a ladder.
  • Better Value – We can wash more windows, faster, which means we can give you a better price.
  • Safer – Water-fed poles benefit safety, because we don’t have to spend all day going up and down ladders. This also means we can clean even when it’s raining.

We Use The Latest Water-Fed Pole Technology

We use telescopic water-fed pole technology to clean our clients’ windows. This is now the preferred choice for professionals because it is quick, safe, and enables us to clean even when it’s raining. We come well-equipped to clean even the dirtiest windows and have the accessories needed to tackle stubborn stains and bird droppings. This means we can offer a quicker, better value service to our clients.

Purified Water Reduces Streaking

Our water-fed pole technology means we use our own source of purified water to clean your windows. Unlike regular tap water, pure water has had all the salts and other bits removed – it’s just water. What this means is that your windows will air-dry to a sparkling finished, without any of the smears, marks, or stains you might associate with windows cleaned by hand.

Because the water achieves a natural spotless result, we don’t have to use harsh chemicals to achieve a perfect finish. Better for you, better for your home, better for the environment.

Professional Results From a Personable Team

We are dedicated to providing high-end window cleaning services to our clients, but we’re not robots! We’re a small team of experienced professionals who have built up a reputation for quality. We work hard, provide a great service, and we’re always willing to give advice to our customers to help them maintain their great finish. Don’t believe us? Check out our reviews – they’re the result of years of dedication to serving the local community.

Are your exterior windows in need of a clean? We can help! Contact us today by calling 916-844-8622 or through our online contact form.

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