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Solar Panel Cleaning Have you noticed a drop in the output of your solar panels since you installed them? Is reaching your payback time taking longer than you expected? It’s not the weather, and it’s probably not a technical fault – it’s just dirt and grime. Moss, tree sap, leaves, bird droppings, dust particles, and more build up on your solar panels and prevent sunlight from reaching the photovoltaic cells. The problems this can cause include: Reduced efficiency and output mean less power Reduced lifespan of the solar panels means you’ll need to replace them sooner Potential for permanent staining can permanently reduce your efficiency Poor maintenance may affect your warranty All the above cause a reduced return on your investment Most manufacturers recommend their solar panels are cleaned at least once every six to twelve months, and failure to do so can lead to long-term damage and a loss on your investment. How We Clean Solar Panels Cleaning solar panels requires professional equipment – it’s not as simple as putting up a ladder and cleaning the panels by hand. Any weight placed on the solar panels causes damage to them, which may reduce their output, or even lead to you needing a replacement. Instead, we use our water-fed pole cleaning equipment to clean your solar panels quickly and effectively. The purified water we use evaporates to leave a streak-free, stain-free without the need for harmful chemicals. The water is fed up the pole and through our brush, which is then used to loosen dirt and rinse it off. This method is safer for your solar panels, safer for our team, and provides a better result. Advantages of Solar Panel Cleaning Solar panel cleaning protects your investment and helps to ensure a great output. The benefits of a professional clean include: Ensures your solar panels give the greatest possible output – the cleaning pays for itself Protects against long-term damage and helps ensure your solar panels stay in great working order Maximizes your return and ensures you reach payback time as quickly as possible Makes sure your solar panels are cleaned in a way that does not damage them Book Your Solar Panel Clean Today Every moment that your solar panels are left dirty, you are losing money and risking long-term damage. Our expertise and professional equipment can achieve a great finish in a short period of time. Call today on +1 916-844-8622 or use our online contact form to start a conversation with our team.


Top-Notch Folsom, California Pressure Washing, and Window Cleaning Services

No one can argue the appeal of a squeaky-clean home. If you want your home to live up to the squeaky-clean title, however, you have to do your part. How exactly can you do your part? You can do it by investing in our professional residential cleaning services. When you need the finest pressure washing and window cleaning assistance the Folsom, California area has to offer, then it’s up to you to take action and contact Sac Valley Clean. We can give you a residential property that’s gleaming white and fresh in appearance. We can dazzle you with windows that are so immaculate that they literally sparkle and shine. If you want to take the cleanliness of your Folsom structure to the next level, then nothing can top working with Sac Valley Clean.

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Pressure washing can stop your structure from becoming an embarrassing eyesore. It can safeguard you from the stresses of costly repair services as well. Exterior debris accumulation has the ability to contribute to the rapid decay of your property. If you want to defend your building from the possibility of fatigue, then routine pressure washing service can be extremely helpful. If a bird “goes to the bathroom” on top of your gutter or roofing system, that can spell bad news. Bird stool has a lot of acid in it and because of that can make gutters and roofs markedly less powerful. That’s how it can also bring on serious roofing failures. If you don’t want your roofing system to cave in, then you should think about getting our pressure washing service, period.

Pressure washing can be advantageous for your wellness. If you have a soiled exterior, then that can pose a big problem for the people nearby. Algae, mildew, mold, bird stool matter, dust, debris, and pollutants are all clear examples of components that can harm human wellness. If you don’t ever want to be around any of these hazards, then you need to put time into guaranteeing the cleanliness and sanitation of your exterior. If you fail to prioritize a fresh exterior, you may make yourself vulnerable to sicknesses, allergic reactions, and respiratory difficulties. Our pressure washing service is exceptional due to the fact that it can eliminate all remnants of debris, dust, mildew, and beyond. If you go for routine pressure washing, you can optimize your results as well. That’s because routine pressure washing sessions can stop many disagreeable substances from popping up on the exterior of your structure in the first place. If you opt for our pressure washing assistance, you never have to concern yourself with thoughts about bacteria and all of its possible effects.

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Why Washing Your Windows in Folsom Is the Intelligent Path

Pressure washing your structure can be intelligent in many ways. Washing the windows that are part of your property can be just as intelligent a route. Window washing can do the appearance of your structure an enormous favor. That’s because it can get rid of fingerprints, stains, dust accumulation and so much more. If you want to free your bay windows from the presence of water rings, then our thorough washing assistance can be powerful. If you want to invest in a Fulsom structure that’s particularly easy on the eyes, then you need to make all of its windows big priorities. Looking at windows that are murky and dull can be a downer. Staring at windows that have all sorts of imperfections on them can be a downer as well.

It can be annoying to have to deal with premature window replacement. That’s why some of the smartest and most resourceful individuals around also happen to be the ones who put a lot of effort into window maintenance work. There is a broad array of environmental factors that can wreak havoc onto the strength of your windows. These factors include acid rain and debris. If your window has a lot of contact with these things, they may gradually destroy it. Debris is capable of making its way over to glass and bringing on noticeable scraping. If you have windows that are chock-full of conspicuous scrapes, that may impact what you’re able to see outside. If you go for our professional window cleaning work, we can eliminate all sorts of problematic substances that may be around. That’s how we can simultaneously make your windows a lot less susceptible to splitting and scraping.

If you allow our professionals to clean your windows often, then you may make them substantially more efficient. This can be helpful to individuals who wish to decrease their bills each month. It’s crucial to understand that problematic windows can trigger moisture collection, fogging, and leakage. If you have a leak, then that may bring on icky mold development. It may make your monthly energy expenses a lot more costly, too.

You shouldn’t think about cleaning your windows in Folsom alone. You need to acknowledge that window cleaning is a job that always calls for a professional and seasoned touch. If you hire our professional window cleaners, you don’t have to be susceptible to hurting your body and tiring it out. You can reap the rewards of the finest window cleaning tools and formulas on the market as well. If you want to clean your windows with the cooperation of formulas that are mild yet strong, our professional help is the best of the best. Window washing can also be a hazard to people who don’t have significant experience with ladders. If you want to clean a window that’s situated upstairs, then the assistance of a ladder is crucial. Ladders can make people prone to falls, physical trauma, and more. If you don’t want to have to feel anxiety about possibly hurting yourself and breaking a bone, then you without a doubt want to call our team members for their professional and experienced assistance.

Window washing isn’t exactly a simple task. It’s an in-depth job that demands a lot of effort and attention. If you’re a person who has a busy and energetic lifestyle, then time for window washing duties may seem elusive to you. Thankfully, working with our professionals and requesting our window washing services can be great for your weekly schedule. If you choose to get professional assistance, you don’t have to think about finding the time to manage things on your own.

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